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Success Stories of 2023 – RExPO Conference

Success Stories of 2023 – RExPO Conference

Welcome to our #YearInReview campaign, where we mark the countdown to the new year by highlighting the remarkable achievements of ScienceOpen during 2023. Last week on our blog, we published success stories highlighting our book hosting and publishing infrastructure. This week, we will focus on conferences.

Let’s celebrate the diversity of our network. Today’s success story: the RExPO Conference.

Our infrastructure for conferences

Fast, free, and easy! ScienceOpen has been publishing open access posters and conference proceedings for years, with many collections on our platform highlighting conferences shaping important discussions in scholarly circles all over the world.

After a successful introductory conference held in Maastricht in 2022, where the REPO4EU project was officially launched, the RExPO Conference returned this year in Stockholm with new topics shaping the future of medicine and drug repurposing. Proceedings from both conferences are hosted on the RExPO Conference collection, highlighting novel approaches to Drug Repurposing and Network Medicine.

RExPO Conference Collection

All the abstracts and conference proceedings hosted on ScienceOpen benefit from our collection infrastructure and the supporting promotional tools that assist with knowledge dissemination, facilitate scientific discussion and exchange on all the conference’s key topics, and support the conference participants with the contextualization of their work in the digital environment.

Our network offers everyone the opportunity to upload, publish, and promote their posters and conference proceedings on a free and simple interface.

Discover the proceedings of RExPO, a conference covering a European-wide initiative, and get a chance to be part of such a vibrant community of researchers and innovators.

Publish your posters for free on ScienceOpen!

ScienceOpen provides a one-of-a-kind research and discovery environment for conference posters and proceedings. We offer ORCID and Crossref integration and a full spectrum of usage metrics, from citations to Altmetric Score.

What are you waiting for? Register on ScienceOpen today for free, or simply sign into your account and publish your poster on ScienceOpen Posters.

Get some inspiration from new additions to the poster collection and share yours with the ScienceOpen community.

New posters on SO Posters collection:

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