Multilingual publishing at ScienceOpen 

Multilingual publishing at ScienceOpen 

English is the dominant language in scientific publishing, making research in other languages potentially more challenging to discover. At ScienceOpen, we recognize the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity in academic research. Our platform supports multilingual content and allows users and publishers to make use of the ScienceOpen interface to create multilingual versions of their metadata and increase the discoverability and reach of their research output.  

We are proud of the multilingual features in our network, and with over 90 million publications we see a growing influx of new content in various languages every week. Our platform offers multilingual support for metadata elements including translated titles, keywords, abstracts, and more. We have also created a bilingual hosting environment, making it possible for users to seamlessly access bilingual articles in their respective full-text versions with just a single click. 

Multilingual content at ScienceOpen 

ScienceOpen can help you reach beyond your own website, whether you would like to promote a single journal with the goal of increasing submissions or create a topical Collection featuring content from multiple journals and books to highlight your publisher brand. Open up your publications to a global research community and let our platform and search engine do the rest to make them discoverable (and thus citeable) to the rest of the world! 

Below are some of the multilingual collections already available at ScienceOpen. 

The ScienceOpen interface allows you to easily switch between languages with a single click!

Microbiology Independent Research Journal (MIR Journal) 

MIR Journal is an international resource for academic researchers in virology, bacteriology, and mycology, as well as for professionals in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.  It publishes editorials, reviews, and commentaries on bacterial synthetic biology, bacterial mutations, and antibiotic resistance as well as on new approaches and methods of antiviral and antimicrobial defense.  

The journal features articles in both English and Russian. Thanks to our bilingual infrastructure, users can easily access articles in their preferred language. The interactive hosting framework of ScienceOpen has been customized for MIR Journal, and a translation button has been added to the ‘Version and Review History’ panel allowing users to quickly jump from articles in English to Russian and vice-versa. This tool is one of many innovative features of ScienceOpen that help further the dissemination of research within the global scholarly community and pave the way for the formation of international peer networks. 

The Bethlehem University Journal and Decolonial Horizons 

The Bethlehem University Journal was established in 1981 to foster a culture of excellence in research and research ethics in matters pertaining not only to Palestine and the region but also to the world at large. It is part of our Pluto Journals collections and serves as a vibrant platform for research communities in the region and around the world to engage in dialogues and conversations across language barriers.  

Easy accessible bilingual metadata for optimal discovery

BUJ publishes original, theoretically informed articles on a variety of topics from different disciplines in either Arabic or English. Independent from the original language for each article, our collection provides translated abstracts, titles and keywords providing a topical overview for readers in either language. 

Also from Pluto Journals, Decolonial Horizons/Horizontes Decoloniales is an intellectual hub for the exploration of scholarship between global politics and religious discourses. It confronts years of systemic scholarly racism by privileging frameworks generated in the networks of the Global South. 

The journal publishes studies in Spanish, English, and Portuguese (with partly trilingual metadata for abstracts and keywords) that examine and question postcolonial, decolonial, and religious dynamics, with a focus on history, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, political science, cultural studies, political economy critique, religious studies, and literature. 

The journal’s topics include investigations at the intersection of religion and culture, migration, territorialism, politics and human rights, as well as the (de)construction of the body(s), sexuality, gender, and racism. All under the purview of decolonial and postcolonial theories. 

Qatar University Press 

The newest edition to our collections, Qatar University Press is a publishing house for scholarly books and journals that supports Qatar University’s vision towards research and education excellence in Qatar and the region. Qatar University Press has established itself as a regional leader in the sharing of knowledge and its global impact through the dissemination of scholarship of the highest standard.   

The academic excellence of QUP is presented in our network through three new journal collections: The International Review of Law, the Journal of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, and the Tajseer Journal

The collections feature completely bilingual (Arabic and English) metadata sets including titles, abstracts, author details, and more to improve the discoverability and citability of cutting-edge research in both Arabic and English.  


Parasite is another example of our bilingual collections. Published by EDP Sciences, this is an international open access, peer-reviewed online journal that publishes high-quality papers on all aspects of human and animal parasitology. 

All papers on Parasite are published in English, but their titles, abstracts, and keywords are also available in French. Their publications cover topics like general, medical, and veterinary parasitology, morphology, parasite systematics, molecular biology and biochemistry, immunology of parasitic diseases, epidemiology; therapeutics, etc. 

Thinking of joining the ScienceOpen platform? 

Are you looking for a new home for your journal or are you interested in adding translated versions of metadata to your own publications? 

ScienceOpen offers multiple solutions for the promotion of your content within our researcher community. We provide publishers with the opportunity to index all their published content with rich metadata on our interactive platform, regardless of license type or research discipline, increase visibility and discovery, and to open it up to community curation, open reviews, recommendations, and sharing. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you would be interested in our discovery or publishing solutions. 

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