ScienceOpen: Publisher Services Embedded in a Next-Generation Discovery Environment

The Challenge: Academic publishing is currently in a transition phase to a fully digital industry. It faces the pressures and challenges of establishing new business models, products and reputation structures. The cost of innovating is especially high for smaller participants.

The Solution: Discovery is key in the digital space. ScienceOpen offers unique technologies for academic publishers to create, host and promote their journals and books embedded within a freely-accessible discovery environment with next-generation metrics and curation tools for reputation management and dissemination. We work closely with some of the leading publishers in the field to develop individual solutions for their content.

ScienceOpen has a wide range of packages and customizable services so we have put together a short overview here. Contact us to find out more about what would be a good fit for your program.


Use ScienceOpen to create a unique publishing identity. We provide you with your own fully-branded sub-domain powered by ScienceOpen to manage and host existing open access publications or start new journals. ScienceOpen can provide technical infrastructures for manuscript submission, peer review management, open access hosting, article versioning, distribution, analytics and APC management for journals and (coming soon) books. The ScienceOpen platform has its own powerful citation index and is uniquely integrated with ORCID, Crossref and Altmetric to immediately plug your publications into the infrastructure of global scholarly communication. A modular approach allows open access publishers to pick and choose among a range of services and design the platform that fits their goals and suits their budget.


“There’s no place like home!” When your Crossref DOI directs readers to an article landing page on ScienceOpen rich with metrics, context and interactive tools, you open up exciting new avenues of exploration and engagement. ScienceOpen puts your open access research in context and helps you reach new authors and audiences. We also let you focus more on important editorial tasks by automating and streamlining your metadata processes for you. For small publishing organizations such as library publishers, societies, university presses or single journals, metadata generation and distribution can be a time-consuming manual effort. Sometimes important information is left out simply due to technical restrictions. ScienceOpen can take the pain out of these processes, saving you time and resources and providing richer metadata to your partners. With automatic indexing by Google Scholar and Baidu Scholar and excellent SEO management, hosting on ScienceOpen is a great way to boost the visibility of your content.


Highlighted Collections in the search menus, banners on all related articles within 60 million records, a prominent “Submit a manuscript” button – ScienceOpen provides concrete ways to promote your content deep within the researcher community. We offer publishers the opportunity to index all of their published content, regardless of license type or research discipline, with rich metadata on our interactive platform and to open it up to community curation, open reviews, recommendations and sharing. Whether you promote a single journal with the goal of raising submissions or create a topical Collection around multiple journals and highlight your publisher brand, ScienceOpen can help you reach beyond your journal webpage.

With the addition of book and chapter records to the platform, ScienceOpen further opens up new sales channels for your titles with a “Buy book” button leading to your preferred webshop.

We offer tailored solutions for

ScienceOpen advantages

Whether you publish, host or promote your journals and books, here is just a short list of the advantages that ScienceOpen offers over competing services

  • Context environment with over 60 million articles, books, chapters, conference proceedings and more
  • Multidimensional search with dynamic filtering via citations, altmetrics, date, usage and more
  • Article, journal, and publisher level usage statistics
  • Commenting and recommendations functionalities
  • Framework for mediated post-publication peer review
  • Author profiles and self-promotion tools with lay summaries, keywords and extensive statistics
  • Researcher-curated topical Collections to grow communities
  • Banner promotion on all relevant articles in the database for more visibility
  • Sharing functionalities to promote journal in other social media outlets
  • Integration with ORCID, Crossref
  • Reach new audiences and new markets from our global user-base

As an aggregator of information, ScienceOpen will continue to open up, share, add to and explore the context of scholarly research in support of open knowledge goals. Join us!

For further information and individual pricing packages contact Stuart Cooper or Stephanie Dawson.

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