Karger Publishers and ScienceOpen cooperate to highlight medical research

Karger Publishers, one of world’s leading health sciences publishers, will feature publications from dozens of their international, peer-reviewed journals in 11 topical Collections on ScienceOpen, including ten Collections of handpicked articles on specialized fields of medicine, as well as a special Collection on COVID-19. The new Collections are an invaluable digital resource for medical researchers and practitioners, and thanks to their comprehensive scope and the richness of the content, will boost dissemination of high-quality medical research in the digital space.

Particularly in the medical field it is essential to distinguish carefully selected and vetted research within the digital resources used globally for the health and well-being of all. We are therefore thrilled to be working with Karger Publishers to highlight these high-quality resources within the ScienceOpen discovery environment and encourage community interaction.

Stephanie Dawson, ScienceOpen CEO

Discover thousands of health sciences publications

Ten featured Collections are each themed around a particular area of medicine and pool together publications from many sources into landing pages with unique and stable DOIs:

Karger: Cardiovascular System | Karger: Dermatology | Karger: Digital Health | Karger: Endocrinology | Karger: Gastroenterology | Karger: Nephrology | Karger: Neurology and Neuroscience | Karger: Nutrition and Dietetics | Karger: Oncology | Karger: Ophthalmology

Find the full overview in Karger Super Collection

In addition, a special Collection on COVID-19 will be featured on ScienceOpen. As signatories of the consensus statement by Wellcome on sharing research data and findings relevant to the novel coronavirus outbreak, Karger and ScienceOpen jointly work to increase the outreach of numerous free access and open access articles and to facilitate robust knowledge dissemination during the pandemic.

Karger is excited to start a partnership with ScienceOpen in such a comprehensive manner. We are increasingly connecting authors with readers in novel digital ways on open communication channels, making sure that their results can reach their audience anytime, anywhere in the cycle of knowledge. The collaboration with ScienceOpen is another step in achieving this vision.

Daniel Ebneter, Karger Publishers CEO

Add interactive tools and features to scientific publications

By being integrated into the interactive platform of ScienceOpen, the articles from Karger Publishers will be contextualized in terms of disciplines, related citations, keywords, and authors. Moreover, each featured article will become open to community curation (commenting, post-publication peer review, Collection curation), and equipped with article-level metrics that, in combination with ScienceOpen’s numerous search and filter tools, make research discovery quicker and easier. The full overview can be found in the Karger Super Collection.

To further support discovery of relevant research, the scope and featured contents of every Collection are clearly described and can be found on the “Collection details” page. For prospective authors, each Collection contains further details on the incorporated journals, links to the publisher’s website, as well as a “submit a manuscript” button.

New Collections benefit the community

Thanks to these new Collections, readers will benefit from convenient access to high-quality selections of research, while the authors will have their work being more discoverable, more widely read and universally open to community feedback.

If you are a publisher willing to experiment with novel communications channels for scientific publications and support your authors, get in touch with Stephanie Dawson for more information.

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