Webinar – Increase Your Research Impact: Start a Collection on ScienceOpen

Why we need research in context

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At ScienceOpen, we recognize that access to information is essential to those trying to deepen their knowledge of a subject, and that is one reason why our mission is strongly rooted in promoting open access publishing. However, we also realize that there has gotten to be an overwhelming amount of information on nearly any subject for one person to sift through, which means the organization of academic publications is also important in addition to accessibility.  

ScienceOpen Collections assist users and researchers

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To help with information filtering and to highlight relevant research, we continually reach out to field experts and journal publishers and encourage them to become Collection editors — where they can then compile important research in their field in a Collection and share it on ScienceOpen. These Collections in all scholarly fields are promoted by ScienceOpen and embedded in our discovery platform to help direct readers in their research endeavors. Collections provide an interactive space for researchers to share and discuss important results as articles, preprints, books or chapters with dynamic search and sort filters for large collections of literature, article review functionalities, statistics and more. Importantly, the Collection editor is always named to provide context and so that they receive credit for their work. Expertise is valuable, so share yours!

Learn more about starting a collection – Webinar details  

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Would you like to share your relevant research with others in both an open and an independent way? Then ScienceOpen collections are the way to go! To show you how to use this free service to the fullest, ScienceOpen wishes to invite you to a webinar on June 18 at 4 pm CEST where we will give a live demonstration of the process of making a collection, explain how we help promote the collections, and where we will be able to answer any of your questions. We will additionally go over other unique features on ScienceOpen, such as how members can participate in open peer-review, preprint & poster publishing on ScienceOpen, and more! Our aim with this webinar is to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of academic resources so that we can be even more efficient at helping ScienceOpen users discover impactful and relevant research on their topic of interest.  

As science is a never-ending enterprise, we are always looking for more researchers to share their expertise. If you want to build your researcher profile in the open, please join us for the webinar! You can follow this link to register. For more details, visit our event page on Eventbrite. 

7 thoughts on “Webinar – Increase Your Research Impact: Start a Collection on ScienceOpen”

  1. Environment, marine pollutation, ecotoxicology, medicine, analytic chemistry, industrial toxicology, risk assesment, materials, agrochemistry, health…

  2. Dear Madam, Sir,
    I find your initiative very interesting and would like to be able to attend the webinar. Unfortunately, at the scheduled time I will be sitting as Chairman of an evaluation committee and will be unable to attend.
    Will the webinar be saved online? Would it be possible to view it at a later time?
    Thank you in advance,
    Best regards,
    Gian Luca Lippi

    1. Hi Gian,
      Yes, we plan to record the webinar and have it available online. You are also welcome to contact Stephanie Dawson (stephanie.dawson@scienceopen.com) directly if you are interested in starting a collection on ScienceOpen. She will be able to answer your questions and tell you more about our initiative.

  3. How can some get an interesting topic of research on open science or get some vital information from the core colleagues user

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