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Introducing the Drug Repurposing Research Collection by REPO4EU

Introducing the Drug Repurposing Research Collection by REPO4EU

REPO4EU is a Horizon Europe project launched last year as an ambitious joint initiative that aims to create a connected European Platform for Drug Repurposing. ScienceOpen is part of this important consortium and is providing all of its technological infrastructure and know-how to support the free dissemination of knowledge generated by the project.

Today, we are happy to announce the addition of the Drug Repurposing Research Collection on ScienceOpen, which will provide researchers with the latest insights in drug repurposing and support REPO4EU’s mission towards an industry-level European online platform for validated precision drug repurposing.

All the articles embedded in the collection will benefit from ScienceOpen’s discovery services, including multi-dimensional search, and community curation.

Open knowledge on Drug Repurposing

The new collection on Drug Repurposing marks another milestone in our collaboration with REPO4EU and all the consortium partners. This collection, together with the RExPO22 Conference series collection, will create a common open access landscape that integrates the scientific, methodological, financial, legal, regulatory, and intellectual property aspects of drug repurposing, facilitating the discovery and dissemination of scholarly work across disciplines and supporting research into drug repurposing as a whole.

With the help of our INTEGRATOR, the research featured in the Drug Repurposing collection is also incorporated on the project’s official website, making it easier to find for different audiences. From the REPO4EU website, you can now quickly and easily search the collection’s content, filter your results, and even share or recommend specific results to colleagues or other researchers.

Check out the Drug Repurposing Research on the website of REPO4EU and explore the collection through some highlighted articles below:

Follow REPO4EU’s journey from imprecise drug therapy to precision medicine.

ScienceOpen’s open science infrastructure and decade of digital publishing experience will facilitate critical steps along REPO4EU’s mission and the exchange of scientific communication during different phases of the project’s implementation.

Our researcher communities will assist in the management of open knowledge generated by REPO4EU, and our network of over 83 million publications will provide an ideal scientific context for all the related research.

To learn more about the next steps and stay updated with REPO4EU news, we invite you to subscribe to the official newsletter by clicking here.

Don’t forget to start exploring and to follow the new collection on ScienceOpen.

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