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ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest – January 2023

ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest – January 2023

Welcome to the first issue of the monthly digest for 2023!

Here, you will find a summary of our network’s exciting January additions as well as the most current infrastructure improvements. Our infrastructure is always being improved, bringing new tools and features that are useful to both publishers and academics.

Celebrating Diversity of Research – Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! – 春节快乐

We celebrated the Chinese New Year by highlighting important collaborations between ScienceOpen and publishers from China, which make ScienceOpen the go-to platform for researchers, featuring different research perspectives and innovations from all over the world.

The integration of Chinese scholarship in our network has also been facilitated through the successful collaboration between ScienceOpen and Compuscript, an international provider for publishing services which supports Chinese researchers and publishers and contributes to the mission of global open science.

There are plenty of Chinese scholarly journals on ScienceOpen and on our blog we celebrated the diversity of our collections. 

Disability Research by KSCDR

In January, we announced a new exciting collaboration with the King Salman Center for Disability Research, which is one of the few centers in the Arab and Islamic world dealing with scientific research specializing in disability concerns.

The new ScienceOpen collection includes research output sponsored or endorsed by KSCDR, creating a forum for addressing disability via research and empowerment, as well as publications from the Journal for Disability Research, which seeks to encourage a greater understanding of disability and research into finding ways and means to urge rehabilitation, identifying steps towards improving the quality of life for people with disabilities

You can now submit your work for the 2023 edition of the Journal for Disability Research directly through ScienceOpen on the KSCDR Collection page. Simply click the Submit a Manuscript button on the collection page to be redirected to the submission requirements information page.

New Journals by Emirates Scholar

Emirates Scholar joined ScienceOpen in June 2022, gaining access to ScienceOpen network’s global user base and promotional services, as well as its innovative technology, which enables authors publishing in Emirates Scholars’ Journals to easily track article-level metrics such as views, shares, and citations.

In January, their collection got bigger with the addition of two new journals, which will feature insightful content and prestigious scholarship from the U.A.E to our research and discovery network of over 83 million publications.

Join us in welcoming:

New Research on Drug Repurposing

As part of the REPO4EU consortium, ScienceOpen is providing all of its technological infrastructure and know-how to support the free dissemination of knowledge generated by the project.

We recently announced the Drug Repurposing Research Collection, which will provide researchers with the latest insights in drug repurposing and support REPO4EU’s mission towards an industry-level European online platform for validated precision drug repurposing.

All the articles embedded in the collection will benefit from ScienceOpen’s discovery services, including multi-dimensional search, and community curation.

With the help of our INTEGRATOR, the research featured in the Drug Repurposing collection is also incorporated on the project’s official website, making it easier to find for different audiences.

Explore the new collection and follow to stay updated with the recent additions and research on Drug Repurposing:

NEW – Promotional Banners

You want to grab each reader’s attention to highlight a call for papers, a new journal or a special offer? ScienceOpen has a new solution with promotional banners on all of your content.

In the past weeks our developers have been hard at work creating a new system of “do-it-yourself” banners, that allows publishers working with ScienceOpen to add a banner to each article page within a particular collection on ScienceOpen.

Banners can be used to promote different events or programs supported by the publisher, highlight a conference, promoting call for papers, new articles, and book titles, etc.

Currently in beta, we developed this feature for our hosted journals but have now rolled it out for all collections on ScienceOpen. Try it out now, and let us know what you think!

Learn more about the banners in our blog post: Promotional Banners on ScienceOpen

Banner in action in the Climate Change and Human Health collection by PLOS.

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