Welcoming Decoding Infection and Transmission on ScienceOpen

Welcoming Decoding Infection and Transmission on ScienceOpen

Decoding Infection and Transmission is a gold open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the rapid publication and global dissemination of the latest research findings about the characteristics and mechanisms of pathogenic infections and disease transmission.

Fully open-access and peer-reviewed, Decoding Infection and Transmission welcomes infectious disease analyses and data resources, enriching our networks’ multidisciplinary content in all fields of relevance.

Journal Hosting and Promotion

By being indexed on ScienceOpen, the articles from Decoding Infection and Transmission will be put in the context of over 89 million scholarly records and promoted in a branded and attractive featured collection. ScieneOpen will boost readership to the newly launched journal and help establish the journal in our network and beyond.

Decoding Infection and Transmission aims to bridge the gap between research scientists, clinical physicians, public health professionals and veterinarians working in diverse infectious diseases.

Scholars interested in Microbiology, Genetics, Infectious Diseases, Public Health, and Health Policy can now quickly access and interact with journal content in a network that includes over 25.000 journals and 31 million authors.

Have a look at the new journal collection on our network and explore its scholarship while fully benefiting from our community curation and dissemination tools.

Highlighted articles:

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